Difference between these 2 Samaung series 7 Chronos laptops?


I have ordered a Samaung series 7 Chronos from Dabs, see below.

Model is 700Z5A-S02

It's been on order for 2 weeks now and I keep being told it will be in stock in a few days. I need the order to go through before the end of December as I have brought it on a credit card that will give me 10% of the price if purchased in 2011. I've asked dabs to take the money before its back in stock but they will not.

So as a fall back option I've been looking at alternatives that are in stock and found a very similar laptop at Amazon for £12 more.

Model is 700Z5A-S01

The Amazon one has a core i7 with 2.2ghz where as the Dabs one has a core i5 with 2.4ghz.

I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to hardware specs so want to know:
Is the only difference that the more expensive one has a better processor (i7 compared to i5)? or is the more expensive one also an older model (S01 compared to S02)?

thanks for any help / opinions / ideas !
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  1. Hello,
    yeah looks like the only difference is the CPU.

    i5 vs i7 is the difference between dual and quad core CPUs.

    since amazon one is only 12 more expensive I'd say go with that, i7 is def worth the extra 12 pounds
  2. They're the same year / model = 700Z5A. The S01/S02/S03 would indicated different sub-models with different hardware or features. S01UK = Core i7 2675QM vs S02UK = Core i5 2430M.

    I can see no 'downside' about going with the Amazon S01 model if you're getting 10% off. Just hope that actually have it in stock.
  3. thanks !
  4. As stated, only difference is 2 cores/4threads vs 4 cores/eight threads. This only will effect some software. For 12 quid the i7 would be the better buy.

    I have the Samsung RF711-SO1 (17 in, I5-2410m, 540m GPU, and Blu-ray/DVD-rw)
    Was lucky found on sale for $750 USD (Don't you just love VAT).
    My only complaint is (A) Moved the delete key - could get use to if I did not alternatly use other computers. (B) puting a USB Thumdrive (USB3) into either of the 2 USB3 ports kills the Wi-fi connection, posibly a setup proplem.
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