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I'm running a Creative Labs GeForce3 Ti200 64Mb with a AMD Atholon 1600+ CPU, 512Mb RAM and Window XP. When I try to run Links 2003 my PC reboots or freezes, Microsoft claim it's the graphics card but I have downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers and although the game starts it does freeze a lot of times, any ideas???
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  1. if you have a VIA board, try getting the newest VIA drivers, besides that it could be a conflict of many things. It's really take a educated guess, try, error, restart ^_^

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  2. Kes! I am having the same problems with my GF3 Ti200. It will work with flight sims, but games like Ghost Recon, Op Flashpoint it just craps out.

    I have been trying now for over a week to sort this problem out.

    I was told it was a power supply problem (was using a 250w PSU, which ran it ok for a year!) so bought a 350w PSU (and it seems to be a decent make). Still does it.

    I have tried everything from drivers, to conflicts to voodoo! But nothing is working.

    It is baffling that it will work with some games and not others!!!

    I did try my old Prophet 4000XT (32Mb) back in and it did run these games, so I thought it was a PSU problem but as I say I replaced it......and I am only running a Duron 850, a sound card, 40G HD and a CD-Rom drive - hardly taxing.

    So, I am at an impasse, and it the same boat as you....
  3. Post your IRQ allocations. If your video card is sharing an IRQ with a major component (resource Hog like a sound card) this can cause crashing in games.

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  4. Are you sure that it's not XP? I had many problems with games and it was XP that caused it. And again, why should Microsoft blaim their OS when they can blaim the graphic card?
  5. Every now and then I have a compatibility issue with my soundcard. Try altering the level of soundcard acceleration.

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  6. IRQ
    0 System timer
    1 Keyboard
    2 Programmable Interupt controller
    3 Com2
    4 Com1
    6 Standard floopy disk controller
    7 LPT1
    8 System CMOS
    9 VIA tech 3038 PCI to USB
    9 ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IRQ steering
    9 VIA tech 3038 PCI to USB
    10 SB PCI 128
    10 ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IRQ steering
    11 SCI IRQ used by ACPI bus
    11 GF3
    11 ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IRQ steering
    12 PS/2 mouse port
    13 Numeric data processor
    14 Primary IDE controller
    14 VIA bus master PCI IDE controller (dual fifo)
    15 Secondary IDE controller
    15 VIA bus master PCI IDE controller

    ....there is no number five.

    Well I hope that means something to someone, and there is the answer to my problem hidden amongst it! I am slowly losing my
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