Mobility9000 and 3dMark03

I have Dell Inspiron with Mobility Radeon 9000 64Mb.
I installed DX9, then I installed latest drivers, then I played some latest (UT2003,RallySportChallenge,MotoGP)games.Everything OK.
Now, new 3DMark03 is out, so I wanted to try it,but it doesn't work.
It says "System info error:System error."
Do you have any idea why it doesn't work.Thanks
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  1. their having a lot of trouble with a lot of systems with 3dmark03, if you check on their fourms, their working on the fixes, so just give it a few weeks, they'll probably have a fix for it.

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  2. Well, I was thinking the same thing,but still not to be able to even run the menu of bench is just bad coding.I think that this time Futuremark can not be happy with their code.
    Also what about ATI's DX9 demos,they run on 8500/9000 chips or not?
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