Toshiba Laptop XP problem

My lap top wont boot up all it does is give me a realtek rtl8139 media test failure check cable error masage I have no boot disc what can I do?
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  1. use the link to get the driver for your model
  2. scout_03 said:
    use the link to get the driver for your model

    That ^ won't do it, not a driver issue, it's trying to boot to PXE from the network card since it can't find another boot device.

    Go into the BIOS, and check if the hard-drive is listed as a device. If it is, go into the boot options and make sure it's listed in the boot order, add it if it's not. If the drive is not seen, reseat it in the laptop. Try again.

    If it's not seen then, you may need to buy a new hard-drive to try, and contact toshiba to get a restore disk set. If the laptop is in warranty they'll probably just send you a new drive that's pre-loaded with the OS.
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