WDM Video Capture Device Failing on VIVO card

I've a Leadtek A280 LE VIVO card (Ti 4200 8x), but cannot get the video capture to work despite trying several WDM driver versions (both Leadtek and nVidia) and different card drivers too. I've tried the card on two motherboards - Intel 815 (Win ME/2000) and Asus A7N8X Deluxe (Win XP).

Any ideas (or similar stories)?
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  1. Did you mean there's no picture showing on the screen after you've connected the external video device to your vivo card and run the WinfastPVR?
  2. Hi elzt,

    No I mean that the device fails to start (has a small yellow exclamation icon in the dive manager screen). As a result WinFast PVR says something like "No Video Input Device Detetced" on startup.

    I've had a trawl of the web and found a good number of people (especially on annoyances.org) have had similar problems with different manufacturer's VIVO cards - but all have nVidia chips!

    It looks like I'm in for many hours/days or trying different WDM versions until one eventually works!
  3. Prolly a half dead card (capture chip)...

    I have a Gaiward Ti 4200 with VIVO and haven't had any driver issues or device failures.

    Who ever made up the phrase, "If it aint broke why fix it" just didn't get it...
  4. I'm using Leadtek Ti4200 4x Vivo with the latest WDM from Leadtek site but have not encountered the problem similar to that of yours.
  5. Look around and try the 1.08 WMD drivers. I had problems when inputting videos from a VCR ( a white band appeared in the captured video during playback). That version solved the probs. Befor installing the drivers make sure you get rid of all four devices in the device manager (they're all identified as WDM (capture, audio crowbar...).

    hope this solves it. Oh yeah I have since tried the WDM ver 1.22 from Nvidia but the same white band appears.

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