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where do games work better on?

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August 2, 2002 4:58:30 AM

where do games work better on? win 2k or win xp pro, think about performance and compatibility..... plz need ur help

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August 2, 2002 5:55:14 PM

Off the top of my head I am going to recommend XP. Officially it is more supported by M$ for compatibility with programs you have in mind. Granted, most drivers and software that works with 2K will work with XP and vice versa, it is not always guaranteed.

I've been using XP Pro for months now and I think it is great. Much better than 98SE. My only problem is that the new Creative SBLive! drivers refuse to install on this system. In fact, Creative has released the only software I know of that can reliably crash my XP OS.
August 4, 2002 12:57:02 AM

Yeah, XP is just Nt 5.1.

Windows 2000 is just Nt 5.0.

There really isn't all that much difference between them unless you have your MSCE, then there's *all* kinds of difference between them.


Anyways, XP is a little better for gaming. I got such good resultz under Win2k, that it wasn't all that much better than XP for gaming. I would say that I have gotten several games that wouldn't work under Win2k to work under XP (without ACT installed).
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August 10, 2002 4:46:09 PM

98se all the way baby!
...that is if you can handle all the crashing, and the rebooting of updates and such.. bah, just get XP.
August 10, 2002 10:54:37 PM

bah, just use Unix.

Unix 0wNz J00!!!!!!!!
August 11, 2002 12:05:14 AM

It's too much of an effort =p
August 11, 2002 10:10:26 PM

whats the diff. btw unix and linux? since i dont use those, i dont know...

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