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Windows 7 x64 and Vista business x64 together

I just got my hands on the new windows 7 professional. I got it for free from the universitys, where I am currently studying, server .

I am planning to install both on my computer, since I still don't trust 7 (you know...usual hardware drivers and currently own programs problems with new operating systems)
My plan is to make a new partition (reducing one of the current partitions) using vista's built in function and install windows 7 in the new partition.

Hmmmm...I wanna know how you think about this idea, before really doing tell me your opinions..please also share your problems, if you have any regarding to my plan..

Thank you in advance...

Note : I wanna buy a new I've written in other section on this forum...but not for this is meant for my stick with my current HDD.
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    I've been using both (Vista 64 since release, and Win 7 since the Beta became available on Technet), and IMHO: As long as you have a reasonably current system that runs Vista, then you have nothing to worry about running Win 7.

  2. far so good...I can get almost everything working except for my printer hp k5400n....
  3. OK...I have to run the driver setup file under compatibility mode : vista far so good....
  4. everything working..Hmmm...Win 7 has lots of new menus...time to find out what they do...

    @Scotteq : Thank you for your answer. Have a nice day. bye
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