Windows 7 connect to old Samba 3.0 server but not 3.5

I'm experiencing a curious issue. I've installed a second Samba server on our network and I've imported all the users from the original over, along with smb conf files, etc... All PC's are access both servers without an issue except for 1 Windows 7 64-bit OS machine. Oddly enough, the virtual pc on the Win7 box connects without an issue. To add another twist, the win7 box connects to the older Samba without issue. When trying to browse to the new server I get.... "Windows cannot access \\NewServer" Check the spelling of the name..... Error Code 0x80070035 The network path was not found.
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  1. first enable public file sharing, if thats not the problem check the router, thats all I know
  2. Wouldn't public file sharing be enabled considering the Win7 machine can connect and browse the older server? Router?
  3. I am not a samba tech, what I did know was win 7 default no sharing, maybe 3.5 joined in I'm not sure, firewall in the router and 3.5
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