I need a laptop that can run SWTOR

SWTOR's just around the corner (1 more day!) and I was hoping to get a laptop for SWTOR and only for SWTOR. My budget can be anything really, but around $500-600 would be nice.

I will also accept ALL brands except: Asus and Cyberpower, sorry I had bad experiences with them :(
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  1. That's going to be hella-tough at that price point. First, you're going to want something with discrete graphics with at least a 540M or equivalent. That with an 2nd-gen i7 and you're going to be in the 800-900 range to start.

    I just got my Sager 5165 running a Nvidia 2gb 555m w/ Optimus, 8gb of 1600mhz Ram, i7-2760QM, and Mushkin 240gb Sata-III SSD just for this purpose. Ran $1,400. It was the lightest and most powerful laptop I could find with a FHD screen.

    It runs SWTOR on [bLow @ 1920 x 1080 @ 49-54fps on average to give you an idea.
  2. Rev, I don't think you will be able to play SWTOR at an acceptable level for $600. Spending that money on something you will just get annoyed with isn't worth it imo. Shame you dislike Asus, their G series is great. I still game on my G72 and never had an issues. The G74s can be bought for around $1000 at Bestbuy and newegg. If you want a gaming laptop I would say read some reviews on the G74s. Nothing on the market can match their price/performance ratio.
  3. I managed to find a laptop priced at $460 (Amazon.com, Acer Aspire AS5560-Sb613) but I'm not sure if it can run SWTOR. Here are the specs:

    -AMD Quad Core A8-3500M Accelerated Processor (1.5GHz) with TurboCore up to 2.4GHz
    -4096 MB of RAM (DDR3)
    -Windows 7 64-bit
    -AMD Radeon 6620G HD

    Also, neto,
    I only don't like ASUS because of their customer support, if there's nothing avaible, I'm settling with the G73 (G74s are too expensive :P)
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