IRQ conflict?

I've had problems with my GF3 card now for about 2 weeks and still cannot find the answer. Could someone look at my IRQ seeting below and tell if there is a conflict?

0 System timer
1 Keyboard
2 Programmable Interupt controller
3 Com2
4 Com1
6 Standard floopy disk controller
7 LPT1
8 System CMOS
9 VIA tech 3038 PCI to USB
9 ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IRQ steering
9 VIA tech 3038 PCI to USB
10 SB PCI 128
10 ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IRQ steering
11 SCI IRQ used by ACPI bus
11 GF3
11 ACPI IRQ holder for PCI IRQ steering
12 PS/2 mouse port
13 Numeric data processor
14 Primary IDE controller
14 VIA bus master PCI IDE controller (dual fifo)
15 Secondary IDE controller
15 VIA bus master PCI IDE controller

....there is no number five.

Well I hope that means something to someone, and there is the answer to my problem hidden amongst it! I am slowly losing my

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  1. Mace, you need to tell us a little about your computer and operating system please....that includes motherboard manufacterer

    AMD Athlon "ThunderBird" 1.2Ghz/ECSK7S5A/BBA Radeon8500LE 290-301Mhz/256DDR 2100/Maxtor40Gigger/PhillipsSurround/Vantec digital display/Enermax Lan case with blue cathodes and fans.
  2. Yeah sure, it's a *ahem* Jetway 663AS's going to be upgarded in a few weeks time though! It uses VIA KT133 chipset.

    I have 1 stick of generic 256Mb RAM (tested using Memtest 86, which ran for 7 hours and didn't find any errors)

    I have a GF3 Ti200 which ran perfectly for 1 year.

    40Gig HD, 52 CD-Rom drive (both 2 weeks old)

    350W PSU (1 week old!)

    And I am using Win98SE.

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  3. I don't see any conflict whatsoever. Try all the VIA 4-in-1 drivers issued over the last 2 years until you find one that works. Two months ago I made the mistake of using the "latest" version on an Appolo Pro 133 system, and I wasn't able to rescue the operating system after that!

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