Confused between 2 Laptops - What to Buy?

I was looking to buy a Laptops. I want the one for my basic needs like browsing and for some editing work. SO i don't need any powerful processors or something like that.

I saw two HP Laptops which are confusing my mind. I don't know what to Buy. Please give your suggestion about it. I am not good in Technical terms. So please help me which is the best among the 2 below.

The first one is - I think free shipping is here :o

The second one is - I think there is a charge for shipping$ja=tsid:11527%7Ccc:%7Cprd:5085611%7Ccat:office%2C+pcs+and+phones+%2F+laptops+and+netbooks+%2F+laptops+%2F

So please help me suggesting the best one for me.
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  1. they're both similar size, same lcd resolution, probably similar battery life, they'll both handle day-to-day tasks as well as the other.
    but the g7-1204sa (first one) has: quad-core amd, 6G ram, 750G hdd, ati 6520 gpu,
    and the Pavilion G7 (second one) has: dual-core intel, 4G ram, 640G hdd, intel gpu.

    personally i'd go for the first one, the deciding factor being the gpu which will handle light gaming and hd video playback much better.
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