video card to use monitor for Playstation 2

I would like to be able to use my computer monitor to plug my Playstation 2 and/or Xbox into. Can anyone tell me if there are video cards available for my computer that will allow input of my PS2/Xbox? Can any card with TV-in capability allow this?

In addition, I'd like the card to be good for most of the latest game, so preferably an Nvidia card or possibly an ATI.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Any card with TV-In can do it. In fact, any card with Composite Video In can do it too.

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  2. Thanks for the information. I thought that was the case but I just wasn't sure.

    I have one other stupid question, though. Most of the cards I see with TV-In don't seem to not have any audio inputs. Is this correct, or am I just mistaken? And, if this is the case, then how do you get the audio running through the computer speakers as well? Or, what do you do with the audio?

    Thanks again for any thoughts and suggestions.
  3. d00d, would I be going too far to assume your SOUNDCARD has an audio input? LOL, you use line in.

    Let's use a VCR as an example: To go from a stereo VCR to line in, you need a 2 RCA (Stereo) to stereo minijack (headphone) adapter. The adapter blocks are often too bulky, I recommend the 3 foot adapter cable instead (a common item that became popular about 15 years ago when people would connect their portable CD players to home stereos). Yes, you can use the same cable as an input or output cable (aka, you could buy two, use one to input stereo from your VCR and the other to output stereo to a stereo system). In fact, if you want to loop the inputs and outputs for both the video card and sound card, you can do recordings in both directions, recording things from computer to tape and from tape to computer.

    OK, now what does that mean for your PS/2? It means things like, you can run it directly into your computer and back out to a TV. You can run it into a VCR and then into your computer. These things simply chain together, but there is a signal loss each time it has to go through another device.

    For simple input to the computer, all you need is the 2-RCA to stereo minijack adapter for soundcard input. But now that you know how everything works, it opens up a lot more pathways for other things you might like to try in the future. And helps prevent redundant questions.

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  4. IIRC The PS2 uses a scart to connect to your TV. If so you would need to find someway of getting the audio signals out of that scart, and into a stereo jack to plug into your comp. However if your PS2 has seperate Audio outputs as Crashman suggested you can use those (but I dont think it does).

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  5. Scarts a Euro thing. I notice you're from the UK but most people will use a composite (single coax/rca) for video and stereo (coax/rca) for audio out of their PS2. If you have scart onyl for your PS2, you're hooped 'till you get the above combination output for your PS2, or XBOX for that matter.
    Most will be able to follow Crash's instructions.
    Scart users will simply need to get new outputs for the console, or hook it through a VCR or adapter than can switch it to 2+1 compsite.

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