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I've been considering getting a tablet for a while now, but I'm always on the fence about whether or not its worth it or maybe just get a laptop. I'm looking to get the new Asus Transformer Prime when it comes in stock again. I know I can get a laptop for the same price ($500) that does more, but I already got my desktop which will out do anything a laptop can do. Plus I'm looking for something that I can just pick up and start streaming movies or listening to music right away, or maybe playing a few games to kill time. I've never played around with an Android tablet before, I was wondering how fast and responsive opening apps and browsing the internet is and how fluid video playback is through something like netflix. The Transformer Prime has the new Tegra 3 processor which I read makes a pretty big difference compared to other tablets. It also has an attachable keyboard which sounds useful, but costs an additional $150 plus I don't know what type of word processor I could use. Any thoughts about laptops vs tablets in general? Android vs Windows?
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  1. For what you want to use it for, a tablet would be great, the new ones will play lots of things very well. Don't expect to use it for any great games though. If I really had money that I did not need, I'd get a tablet. Otherwise a laptop is better over all, way more flexible and faster. But it loses the simplicity and portability.
  2. Yes, tablets are worth it. Get an ipad if you're worried about lack of smoothness or fluid playback or whatever.
  3. If I were to get a tablet, it would be the Asus Transformer Prime due to the Tegra 3 CPU and the fact you can add a keyboard to it later which expands it's productivity usage, increases battery life, and provides extra ports.

    However, I have no use for a tablet, I'd rather spend that money towards a laptop.
  4. I'd recommend an Ipad2. They are great and they just work. An Ipad will never replace the devices you already have, just augment your arsenal. I use mine all the time for checking something on google, skype or just watching family guy while cooking. Didn't replace my desktop or notebook though!
  5. Yeah I think I'll settle on the Transformer Prime. Too bad they wont be in stock for at least a week maybe more... The iPad2 does look good, but I'm one of those people whose against anything Apple. My desktop is a bit of a powerhouse so any laptop I get would probably seem slow and a little sluggish in comparison. Thanks for the input and hopefully I can get my hands on the Asus before the New Year... not likely.
  6. Almost all tablets stream video and have apps/games. Its really all about the eco system. Which do you prefer? Apple, Android, Amazon? For what its worth i prefer the iPad2, only because i have an iPhone and i'm stuck with the Apple eco system. I did buy a Kindle Fire for my father Inlaw, he's old and only uses netflix and internet... and it was free since i use my reward points at officedepot ;). I can tell you first hand i wasnt impressed with the Android interface, sure Honeycomb might be better. But as far as fluid usebility Apple wins...
  7. For watching youtube and reading random bullshit online WHILE LAYING IN BED like a douche, nothing beats a tablet. I bought my gf an ipad 2 for Christmas. She goes to bed before I do.
  8. as much as I dislike Apple because of their obsession with patios suing... Ipads are nice because their more mobile than laptops but more powerful than a phone. I know there's Android and the Kindle, but I think Apple is dominating the mobile area. If you are always on the go, and I mean like not in a hotel for most of the day, a tablet would be for you.
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