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I was wondering which video card should I choose? I am debating between the Geforce4 64mb DDR MX 440 or ATI Radeon 7500 64mb DDR? I just want to have a video card with good performance for games and also good price. Any suggestions and advice would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks for your time and help.
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  1. Get a Radeon 8500LE 64 MB. It costs little more than these cards and much better.

    If you can't spend more, then buy Radeon 9000 (non-Pro). This will cost same and also better

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  2. yah, what he said

    dont even consider a GF4MX. they are bullshit, and you can get MUCH better cards for the same, or less. trust me ive looked
  3. The MX's do suck....stay away from them...I would go for the ATI Radeon 8500 Original(non-LE)....

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  4. Another vote for the 8500.

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  5. I got an 8500le here that I picked up for 80 bucks a while ago, so look on ebay, you should find a decent price. If you get a decent one, they can oc nicely too....

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  6. The 9100 is a renamed 8500LE so keep an eye out for them as well.

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  7. Yeah, that would be my suggestion a 9100, it's a tweaked 8500LE. You can get it at (they have both Canadian and American prices; located in Vancouver BC) They sell the 9100 for $74.11 US or $114 CDN, just a tad more (about 10%) than the 9000(non-pro), but a slightly better card.

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  8. What kind of tweaking it has? IIRC, it's a rebadged R200, and it comes 250/230 clocked, slower than 250/250 clocked R8500LE's

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  9. It has one more "feature" - I forget what it's called but it helps smooth video playback - that is enabled in BIOS. You can flash a 9100 BIOS to a 8500(LE) card and have the same thing 'tho. The hardware is the same.

    I just got my 2nd retail ATI 8500LE (Infineon 3.6). Both do over 300/300 easily :)

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  10. you mean fullstream?
  11. Yes that's it.

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  12. It's enabled in bios? whats it under, i've never seen an option for it before
  13. It's in the video card BIOS, not the motherboard BIOS. You can only enable it by flashing a 9100 BIOS to a 8500 card.

    Warning: I wrecked a video card by flashing the BIOS so I don't suggest you try it ("Don't fix it if it ain't broke").

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