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My screen has started to go white and flicker occasionally. Then it comes back to the normal windows screen. I have read on the web that other Asus laptop models have the same issue and it happens after a period of time by closing and opening the notebook.It said the cable connecting the motherboard to the screen becomes loose. Is there a way to fix this? The model I have is the K72JK. I am not sure how to go about doing this
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  1. Hi , This is a hardware heating problem ... but you can fix it yourself

    when cooling system cant handle some parts of CPU chip and that spots getting so hot this problem occurs
    _ so what is the reason ? the first reason is plastic tape on top of cpu chip . ASUS factory place a tape on side of chip to avoid thermal paste from that spots you have to remove it completely and never put it back !!
    _ and the second reason is thermal paste itself !! you have to choose great thermal paste like "Deep Cool Z5 or Z9" and replace it with factory default , when you do that you have to sure all of chip and a little around of it air free and perfectly connected to heat sink by thermal paste also ...

    i've tested it and it worked just fine , if the problem still there you have to do it again
    if you're not familiar with laptop hardware and disassembling don't do that !!! you could damage your laptop hardware

    i hope your problem solved with this solution ;)
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