I need a gaming laptop under $700.

Hey for Christmas I was going to get a gaming laptop but my budget is way off than expected.
I was looking for a laptop that was lower than $700 because I was going to use the rest of my $1000 for a gaming laptop and other stuff I would get.

Stuff that's a requirement:
A great CPU at least a Intel core i3 or higher
A Nvidia at least a GTX 520M
At least 6 GB Ram
Windows 7 Home premium

I saw a laptop that was $717 but I wasn't quite sure about it, I was also going to get a Alienware but that's at least 850+

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  1. http://www.provantage.com/acer-lx-rcb02-010~7ACEN168.htm

    buy 8gb ram for under $100 to upgrade it
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