Fujitsu Lifebook T901 Issues (Need Help Quickly :/ )

Background story?

So my girlfriend bought this tablet from her school. She got the version with the Sandybridge i7 clocked at 2.7GHz or something with the onboard Intel HD 3000 graphics along with 8GB of ram.

The laptop came with Windows 7 Professional 32-bit, but her school gave all students Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit for their convenience. She didn't want to upgrade to the new OS yet because I told her it would wipe her entire computer to perform that upgrade.

However, come winter break, she came to me and asked to install "all of the discs that I have", one of which included the Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit along with several Cyberlink (Youcam and PowerDVD9 among others) CD's. I told her sure! No problemo!

tl;dr - what I need

Little did I know the issues I'd encounter...after installing the new OS everything has just gone to ***. Absolute and utter ***. Nothing I can do will make the internet work, the graphics look like ***, I can't seem to turn Windows Aero (looks like Windows basic crap) no matter how many times I tell the PC laptop too, I can't change the Window color scheme off of the default of that shitty-lame light blue crap, and Windows performance is giving me a 1.0 for her graphics. So I figured the drivers weren't working or something weird like that so I went online to Fujitsu's site and downloaded 4 or 5 drivers that looked like they would work (LAN, WLAN(Aethoroes[sp?]), WLAN(Intel), and WWAN). After 'installing' each of them, I got it so that the ethernet cable will work (the LAN driver I'm thinking), but nothing else. Graphics still look like *** and I can't do anything wirelessly.

Anyone have any idea what's going on? I told her I was doing "fine" with fixing her laptop up in order to not freak her out, but when she comes over in 11 hours she's going to find out somethings massively wrong :/

Thanks in advance people of Tomshardware!
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  1. Long story short:
    1. You installed Windows 7 - 64 Bit on a 32 Bit system
    2. You are connected to internet via ethernet cable
    3. You are not able to connect via WiFi
    4. You have issues with graphics too

    You said you downloaded a few drivers - first make sure that the drivers you downloaded are 64 bit drivers.
  2. Sorry I suck at making long stories short :/

    But yes, that is essentially the issue. The drivers are all 64 bit drivers. Originally I was downloading drivers for the wrong model, but then I realized what was happening and got the ones for the right model. Still no good.

    Thanks for the response though :)
  3. When you installed Windows 64bit, did you format the disk and then completed the installation or how did you proceed!
  4. No I essentially did the "Overwrite current OS" option and all of the data in the old one is contained in a folder labeled "Windows.old" on C:\

    All the data is backed up, but I'd still rather keep ahold of that until I'm positive I have no need of it anymore.
  5. Also read this thread
    Says clean install
  6. I would recommend a clean install. Keep all 64 bit drivers ready and things should be fine.
  7. I think the only way to do it was a clean install. However I'll try that and report back how it works out.
  8. Ok I went through the options and when I was asked if I wanted to do an "Upgrade" (which I can't physically do because there is no upgrade path) or "Custom (advanced)".

    I did Custom and chose the HD partition that had the old OS on it. It then warned me about what would happen and how Windows.old folder would be created, I pressed ok, and it started installing.

    Would you have done something differently?
  9. Sure - wishing you good luck!!!
  10. In custom install, I would delete all partitions and then install - You would get a message that all data would be lost - click okay for that
  11. Hmm well it's 35% done installing and its 4:45 am for me. I'll try that tomorrow!

    Thanks for your help! And if anyone else has any ideas I'd love to hear them :)
  12. Good luck - hope everything goes fine - don't forget to share the final outcome here!!!
  13. I can't mess with the partitions on the laptop because I don't have the device drivers to access the hard drive...WHAT THE F**K.
  14. Did something work for you - just curious.
  15. Not really :/ I ended up pulling out the wireless adapter to my desktop and hardwiring myself in and letting her use the adapter. The computer's wireless adapter does not work and I told her to take it to her schools computing desk thing when she gets back to school in January. Can't believe I couldn't figure it out :(
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