AGP 2.0 (4x) card in an AGP 1.0 (1x) slot?

Okay, this question has probably been asked thousands of times and I just cannot find anything in the search box here. It's a simple question, really. Can and will an AGP 4x card work in an AGP 1x slot? From what I've read, AGP 1.0 (1x and 2x cards and slots) worked off of 3.3V. AGP 2.0 (4x and up) works off of 1.5V. It appears that an AGP 1.0 card will not work or even fit in an AGP 2.0 slot. However, it looks like the reverse is not true and it appears that an AGP 2.0 card will indeed fit and work in an AGP 1.0 slot. Is this correct?

The reason I even ask is because I need to upgrade my old Dell PII 450. Yeah, I know, why the heck am I upgrading something so old that couldn't even play UT 2003 worth a hoot? Simple: I need something to play my mp3's on in the living room, and moving my main computer into the living room would require many many upgrades (I'm drooling at the thought of PC gaming on an HDTV setup, though). (Oh, nice alternative, buy myself a portable mp3 player, just thought of that....) Anyway, mp3 player aside, I am fairly limited on the video inputs on my receiver. I am already using up the two very precious S-video slots it has. I was looking for a card with a simple RCA video out, and guess what? has one from MSI at <A HREF="" target="_new">this link</A> that would do the job. Sure, it's only a GeForce MX 440 with a mere 64MB of memory, but it's only $61 + S&H and it's better than the original brand GeForce card I have in that Dell at the present time.

So, after all the babbling, here's the bottom line and the final question: will that AGP 4x card work in my Dell's AGP 1x motherboard so I can hook the stupid thing up to the TV through an RCA video connector?

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Um just put in a PCI card.. Problem solved :) newegg has that same card (PCI) for 59 and free shipping

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  2. You have nothing to worry about. First of all, your AGP slot is NOT 1x, it's 2x. It's AGP2x and version 1.0. This is common to ALL BX chipset boards. What's also common to all nVidia and ATI video cards is backwards compatability. So you can put just about any card you want in that beast. And here's a funny thing, you can even put a Celeron 1400 kit from Upgradeware in that system.

    Don't listen to the jerkoff who replied first. PCI is NOT a reasonable solution. You'll do fine with any common AGP card, and the MX440 is an OK card. I'd suggest the Radeon 8500 instead of the MX440 however, as it's a more powerfull card with newer features and better TV-out support.

    Yes, the final answer is, any normal AGP4x card will work, BUT YOUR BOARD ISN'T AGP1X, IT'S AGP2X, V1.0.

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  3. Are you really ignorant enough about computer hardware to tell a guy with an Intel SE440BX (Dell edition) board to run a PCI card when an AGP card would give him 2x-8x the performance? Or did you purposely mislead him out of some sort of hate for Dell or Intel ownership? Or perhaps you thought his system was so old you'd help hasten it's replacement?

    At any rate, bad advice is not apreciated by the forum regulars nor tolerated by me. Normally I'd go off the handle and tell you what I thought of such an advisor, but on this occasion I thought I'd stay on the path of logic and tolerance.

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  4. Aw, don't worry about him recommending a PCI card over the AGP card. Even if I did that, it wouldn't be a big deal since it's just my secondary computer. My main computer is an overclocked 1.8A P4, GeForce Ti 4400, 512MB RDRAM, etc., so if I put something slow in the old Dell, it's no big deal.

    That's what I was hoping for, backwards compatibility with my 2X SLOT. :) You recommended an ATI Radeon 8500, but I don't really need such a beast. I didn't realize that it was capable of so many outputs until you mentioned it and I looked it up just now on ATI's website and downloaded the manual, but I really just need something to get me by for now so I can hook up to the TV and get the monitor out of the living room. Some day I'll have my primary computer in the living room with an ATI All In Wonder 9700 Pro, Audigy 2 Platinum, and DVD drive all hooked up to a very nice Dolby Digital receiver and HDTV, but in the meantime I don't want to spend that kind of money. :)

    For now I think $61 will do me just fine for a while. :) Thanks!

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  5. No problem. I recommend anything from ATI over anything from nVidia for TV-out because their cards support custom resolutions and height/width adjustments that help make the picture fit the screen much better.

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