Is it possible to upgrade my Dell laptops Video card?

I just got a new job and I received a Dell Latitude E5520, specs are as follows:

Windows 7 32 bit
Intel 03PH4g Motherboard
INTEL HD Graphics 3000 - 1.4 Gigs Ram used
4 gigs of ram (3.2 usable)

I installed Star Wars the Old Republic to see if it would run and it basically freezes up. So, I am assuming my integrated video is just not up to snuff.

Does anyone know if I can use an external SATA video card (I have a eSata port) or upgrade the video on this machine so that when I am traveling I can play on my laptop?

Thanks for any help you can supply....
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  1. Only option you MAY have is to purchase a motherboard for that model laptop that has a stronger Video card.... but I don't know if they make them. You can't connect a eSATA GPU.... nor can you just add a GPU to your current motherboard.
  2. nope, only gaming laptops have upgrade-able GPUs, and even then it is rare. Check your game settings and try turning things down a bit, you should be able to play most games at basic settings with the HD3000 graphics

    eSATA is a HDD connector, and they do not make other devices that plug into it

    There are some USB video cards... but you are going to have the same issue as your integrated graphics as they are only good for extending your desktop.

    If you had Thunderbolt/Lightpeak there will be some external GPUs for those which could do what you want, but it is still a few years out before we see them.

    Basically you bought a basic laptop, which is made for basic things. To game you need game gear, which costs a bit more.
  3. BTW, that's not really a gaming laptop... more so for business purposes...
  4. correction, your company bought a basic laptop, which is good for business use.... not sure how well they would smile on you using it for entertainment if it is for work...
  5. OK thanks, yeah it is for business, but I was hoping to be able to game when traveling with it. I am sure my company would frown on me upgrading the mobo.

    I tried the game at the lowest settings and it still hangs after selecting the character.

    So either I need to buy a gaming laptop for myself or make a micro atx I can travel with. Does that sound about right?
  6. Yup. Or you could play older games, like emulators for NES, SNES, SEGA... they are still fun and run on almost any device... even business laptops :)
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