Hp dv4 display problem

I have an hp dv4-1283cl laptop which will not display anything on the screen. When I turn it on the backlight lights up but there is no image. If I hook up an external monitor to it, the external monitor works just fine. I have tried taking it apart and reseating all the connections but it is still having the same problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. you most likely have the output set to the wrong device. Press the Function (Fn) button in combination with whatever F-Key on the top of your keyboard looks like a monitor, and it should toggle between external, internal and both activated.
    If not then you will have to take it in to be repaired as the monitor, or it's internal connector is bad.
  2. Thanks for the repsone. I did try the toggle function and when i press that it will turn off the laptop's display leaving the external on, or turn off the external's display leaving the laptops display backlight lit up but with no image. Are you able to buy a new internal connector? I looked around real quick on google but did not find what i needed.
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