Can i reformat my laptop with regular xp home?

I need to reformat my tablet but i lost the original software. :sweat:

Im currently about to install windows xp home on the thing but i know that the original OS was win xp tablet edition.
I understand there might be driver issues but can't i just use a diver finder wizard?

Its a DELL Latitude XT tablet.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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  1. You can always contact dell and they will send you another copy of the OS and drivers. xp home might support your DELL tablet, but better to download all drivers from and have it handy on a USB drive, just in case.
  2. Will Win XP work on the Dell tablet?

    Highly unlikely. There will be specific drivers that Win XP has to have in order for the tablet to operate properly. Like... umm... the touchscreen and pen inputs.

    I really doubt Dell has developed any Win XP drivers for the tablet.
  3. I reformatted and installed xp home on my latitude xt tablet, the touch screen is the only thing that doesn't work. Even the fingerprint scanner and external dvd drive works. I heard of being able to convert xp to tablet by using files provided free by Micro$oft so you can use the touch screen properly.

    Link Here:

    I hope this helps some ppl out there.

    Thank you to all who responded to my question. :sol:
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