For a laptop,are i5s better than i7s and what makes for a good laptop?

Hey everyone, im a noob when it comes to laptops. Im not looking for something that is mega powerful as thats what i have my desktop for, BUT...i do want my machine to have some balls if you know what i mean.

Basically it wont be a primary gaming machine, but id like it to do some gaming if i get the itch to slap a game onto it.

I was looking at the Toshiba i7s, this was the model number: P775-S7320

But im not sure what these days makes for a strong running laptop. The i5s are newer but are they faster than the i7s? Basically my budget is around 900-950.

Any suggestions are welcomed, and are LED screens 100% the way to go for laptops?
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  1. i5 and i7 are prefixes for Intel's processors, and they've been attached to many processors in the last few years. The Core processor series has i3s, i5s and i7s, which generally increase in performance in that order. None is "newer" than any of the others.
    LED's nice, and it'll certainly increase your battery life.
    That laptop won't get you any gaming, that's for sure. You'll need a discrete graphics card if you want to play modern games. That Toshiba uses the processor's little graphics module, which is pretty awful. Keep looking.
  2. For that price range and i7 will fit in. so no need to worry about i5 vs i7.
    The laptop you mentioned doesn't have a dedicated GPU, which is kind of below par for that price. You could be looking at ASUS N55, N53 models, or Lenovo Y570, etc. There are HP DV6 models, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you got a huge discount through coupons, in which case it is worth the price.

    i7 CPU + 555M/550M/6770M GPU + 8GB RAM would be fitting. Its not the mega powerful stuff. But it will get any work done.
  3. Where do you guys prefer to shop, just newegg? And do you guys have a single preferred brand that you personally like the most?
  4. It seems alot of the machines that im looking for are right on the cusp of being out of my price range.

    Ok heres a question, at the lower end of the spectrum for some gaming as id be it even worth it? Like if you were to say to me that really around 900 bucks youre not going to get really a game machine that can do a whole lot, then it will make the choice easy for me.
  5. Get a HP Pavilion dv6 has a good graphics card, nice amount of RAM and I good i3 processor
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