Should i upgrade or get new?

I have a hp g60 laptop that i got couple years ago and i have been noticing the gradual decline in performance. Would upgrading the RAM and getting a ssd or even upgrading cpu improving it enough? Or should i just spend more money and get a new laptop?
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    Adding can improve performance a bit, but only if you have too little RAM. If you already have 4GB of RAM, then there won't be much performance gains. Memory hungry apps will perform better like Photoshop.

    SSD only makes the laptop load and save faster. The biggest improvement will probably in booting up Windows. Probably as fast as 25 seconds (maybe less).

    Upgrading the CPU can help, but only if the CPU is supported by the BIOS. If the BIOS does not recognize the CPU, it most likely will not even boot. Also, many laptops have the CPU soldered into the socket.
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  3. First thing to try, re-install Windows, if the computer was working fine when you got it, and you are not trying to use it for anything new like HD video or new games, the hardware is fine. It's not like car where components wear down, the engine gets tired and loose, a CPU, RAM, etc.. will run as fast as new, as long as Windows is not bogged down with spyware, add-ons, etc...

    Back up your files, make sure you have all your programs handy, and install Windows again.
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