Win 7 Home Premium 32 0r 64 on an I3 / 3 GB RAM

Hi All, just now got a cheap Dell Vostro laptop with 3 GB RAM and I3 processor. Comes factory installed with Vista Home Basic. I have a spare genuine copy of Win 7 Home Premium, with both x32 and x64 disks on hand.
Usage will be for basic business apps - mostly MS Office. No games, no video rendering etc

Question - on this spec laptop, which OS should I install
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  1. Unless you plan on upgrading to more RAM down the road, you might as well go with the 32 bit version. However, if you plan on going up to 4GB of RAM you might as well play it safe and go with the 64 bit version.
  2. For that type of usage 3 GB is plenty and 32 bit will be fine, you still have the 64 bit disk if you need it later.
    I'm still using 32 bit with 3 GB of ram E6600 processor and I do lots of video rendering without any hassle.
  3. Thanks for the advice - I have installed the 32 bit OS.... all running well!
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