ATI 9500pro vs Albatron G4 Ti4800

Which one to get ATI 9500 pro or Albatron G4 Ti4800-8x 128M DDR DV-i, TV-o, AGP8x. The Ti4800 is about $30 more.
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  1. Like I said before, if you want a graphics card with dx9 compatibility, then ATI 9500 pro is the choice.
  2. The 9500 beats the 4600 when you turn AA and AF on. The 4800 is just a 4600 with a 8x agp, which doesn't give any noticable differences. go with the 9500
  3. R9500 Pro all the way

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  4. 9500 pro, you can turn it into a 9700 pro with a software mod
  5. 9500 Pro

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  6. 9500pro totally

    use the search button, ive explained the difference numerous times in the last month or 2.
  7. Go Radeon, dude. And trust me--I'm one of the guys giving nVidia the benefit of the doubt, but it's time for nVidia to start lowering their prices. Their cards just aren't as good.

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  8. my 2 cents says Radeon 9500Pro, you WILL be using FSAA & Ansiotropic & the R95/700 series beats the pants off the GF4ti series

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