Laptop coolers - Zalman nc-3000u or cooler master u3


i want to ask which laptop cooler is the best out of these two - zalman nc-3000u or cooler master u3?
i mean both are really good and i like both of them but i dont know which one to get. i dont care about the prices of them or anything, jus the performance of the product and if it works
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  1. i've searched everywhere for someone to give me answers but i havent found anything. can someone reply back
  2. I bought the Cooler Master U2 (2 fans) to cool my 3 month old laptop; Lenovo Y470. Unfortunately, it did not cool my laptop at all. I don't think the problem is the Cooler Master though because I've read reviews where it cooled down other laptops by 3C to 5C. I think my issue is the internal design of the Y470 which somehow blocks the blown air from reaching the CPU and GPU. I would open up my laptop to investigate, but that would void my 3 year warranty.

    I bought the Cooler Master because the movable fans allows you to place them directly under a vent.
  3. I have one sole experience w/ laptop coolers...... I bought a rather fancy smancy one some years back.....can't remember the brand, three fans .... it plugged into a USB port.....using it raised my MoBo / CPU temps.....the load pulled thru the USB port exceeded any gain from the fans.

    I took an engineer's scale outta my drawer that I pop under the back of the laptop to raise it 3/4 " off the does just fine.
  4. If you absolutely must have one, go with Zalman. I can give you a nice story about them if you want, but I'll just say that their customer service is really something.

    I'm with Jack on this, though - the best thing you can do is to just get it up off of the work surface an inch or two and get some airflow underneath it.
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