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Anyone know of a decent laptop that comes with a serial port? Because many DOS based interface systems I must connect with are very picky on burst speed, packet sizes, etc. I am in need of one. Had 2 dells that worked fine until they crapped out. Using a usb, loading software goes from 22 minutes to 43 minutes. B ig difference when 3 or 4 systems to load at nite. Appreciate any help. Dell no longer offers the serial port, per their help desk.
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  1. Sadly, no. Serial ports are so obsolete, that even they are rare on desktops. The only way to do it is that serial to USB adapter these days.
  2. Some one else asked this question a month or two ago. I thought they had loacated a couple of laptops sporting seriel ports - Try searching the laptop section here.

    Kind of sad as there is still considerable "older" hardware that requires Seral interface. Problem is that is can be expensive to replace some of the older harware. Aditionally some of the "newer" hardware still use the serial port for communications. Recently purchased a RH529 temp/humidity recorder. Requires serial interface to dump data. Just Bought a NEW digital O'Scope, Yep, uses serial. Both of these will work with the Seriel -> USB adaptor, AS LONG as both programs are not installed in the same operating system. Solved that - swap HDD in laptop depending on what I'm doing.
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