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Ok so I'm a computer noob so I came here to find an answer to a question that I've been struggling to find with Google.

I've noticed that many graphics cards have a VGA port and that my laptop has a VGA port. Could I connect a graphics card to my laptop through the VGA connector to heighten the graphical power? Kind of like an external graphics card upgrade?

I'm really eager to get games like Skyrim on PC but I can't afford a gaming PC to play them on.
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  1. Graphic card is connect to the rest of your computer components via (1.) PCIe- desktop (2.) MXM- performance laptop (3.) expresscard- external graphic card for laptop, commercial (4.) mini PCIe- external graphic card for laptop, self mod.

    VGA is only for video output (from the graphic card to screen). You cannot connect a graphic card to a computer of any sort via VGA.
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