is this ATI card any good?

ATI Atlantis Radeon 9500 AGP 8X 128MB DDR Video Card w/TV-Out & DVI by SapphireTech / 320702_A

anybody have any info they can share about it
Thank You
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  1. i have the radeon 9700 pro version of that card, and it runs beautifully. I would reoommend sapphire ^_^

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  2. it has currentily the best cust/benefit relationship of all graphics cards at my opinion

    it's directx-9 full suport, while the geforce-4-ti family has only, and I emphatisys ONLY old directx-8 full support
  3. ummmmmm its not "Pro" only 4x1. Pretty slow unless you mod it into a 9700 so you get 8x1.

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  4. I would definatly go for the "pro" version.
  5. good card, if you are brave, try mod it to a 9700 none pro, it can be done either by hacking the chip itself, or install a hacked driver that automatically unlocks the 4 hidden pipeline.
  6. do you know where I can find the driver to unlock it?
    also, will this card take the regular ati driver?
    sorry to sound like an idiot
  7. Yes, you can and should use the drivers from

    Personally I would go for the 9500Pro instead of the regular 9500, but if you are low on cash a 9500 is still a good card.

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