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Laptop high temps.

just bought a new laptop. Toshiba l555 and its brand new. the fan works just fine but according speedfan and cpuid hardware monitor im getting temps around 95-100c!!!!! and im using a cooling mat on highspeed and it has plenty of airflow...... this seems really freaking high to me. help please. the laptops fan does work it spins up when it gets closer to 100c and then spins down when it gets to the lower 90's so i dunno. update am now seeing temps in the 70c range. seems that those high temps are just under load.
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  1. Laptops always run hot,I think its the small form factor,I know some people that tell me they cant keep their laptop on their lap because it gets to hot on the lap.....
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    completely fine for a laptop i5 to be that high. i think they start throttling at 105*. my laptop with an i7 2630qm would never go over 95* though.
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