Acer AS3830TG-6415 vs. Samsung NP300V3A-A01CA (Canadian model, has i3,


I need some help figuring out which one to get. Their specs are close, and so their
prices ($530 vs. $540 at It'll be occasionally used for video editing and
live performance music software (Ableton and the like). So main question is which one
supports ASIO and which GPU, HD 3000 or GT540M is better for video editing.

I'd be also curious to know:
- Which one has better screen (sharpness, contrast, glare)?
- Does "Samsung PowerPlus Battery Technology" really significantly reduces battery wear?
- Is sending Acer to service centre the only way to replace battery?
- Which one is noisier (you'll be laughing, but I hate loud fans)?
- Is Samsung really boots that much faster (Fast Start Technology)?

Thank You.
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  1. If the important thing is video editing and software, you'll want to go with the Acer because the GT 540M will KILL the HD3000 graphics. You would notice a big difference between the two. The Acer also has a bigger HDD which can be a nice feature.(750GB to 500GB). As for noise, or the performance of fast start, I can't say. But faststart is mostly just a gimmick, and sleep mode will be fine. I couldn't see that much of a difference. Again, Samsung PowerPlus Battery Technology is most likely just a sales gimmick, and won't actually give you that much of an edge on the Acer. Overall, from the specs I can see, the Acer seems like the obvious choice.

    Most likely, you've already made your decision, since this was posted a while ago, but I thought I'd reply just in case haha.
  2. Video editing is basically dependent on the CPU rather than the graphic core unless the video editing program uses CUDA (nvidia) or AVIVO (AMD) coding.

    For games, the GT 520M would be better, but if the video editing program does not use CUDA, then neither the Intel HD 3000 or the GT 520M offers any advantage.

    Which laptop is quieter? Only way to know is to test them side by side. Since laptops tends to be small they must use small fans with high RPMs to blow out heat. Small fans and high RPMs means noise.

    I believe the Acer has a glossy screen while the Samsung has a matte screen. If you don't want reflections / glare, then you want a matte screen.
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