Sapphire Radeon 9700 Atlantis Pro Ultimate Edition

I've read some reviews on the Sapphire Radeon 9700 Atlantis Pro Ultimate Edition, this card does not have a cooling fan. It has a large heat sink which seems to work fairly well. I'm building a PC and would like to keep the fan noise down and this board would help. The problem is I've searched everywhere on the web I can think of and no one has it. Is this a board that has not been released yet only tested ? If it is out there to buy can someone tell who the retailer is and has anyone had experience with it. Thanks for any and all help !!!!
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  1. The heatsink is the zalman fan. It runs a tad bit hotter, but at stock levels keeps your card at a good temp. Just make sure your case has good ventilation.

    You might be able to save a couple bucks by buying a 9700 and adding the heatsink yourself. It may void the warrantee, but it is probably much cheaper.

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