Radeon 9700, Pro or not?

I remember reading a review somewhere which said that lots of times the processor is what limits the graphics and not the graphics card.

Anyone know if a P4 2.53, 512DDR433, Gigabyte 8SQ800 motherboard will be able to make full use of the Radeon 9700 Pro or if I should just go for a Radeon 9700?

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  1. If you've got the dough, get the Pro. I'm a poet and didn't know it!

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  2. You have a top of the line processor. Why are you asking this?

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  3. Get the Radeon 9700 Pro. It's the best right now.
  4. How much is the price difference? If it's small, why wouldn't you want the best?

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  5. Dude, stop posting already and go get the damn card! And don't forget, 9700Pro is the one you want.

    With a rig like that, it'll love you for giving it such a card!
  6. "
    If you've got the dough, get the Pro. I'm a poet and didn't know it!

    But your feet sure do show it, cause they're Long - Fellow! :tongue:

    Yes, go with the pro if you can afford it. The other question is do you plan to OC?
    You might want to take a look at the boards before you decide and check out the type of mem. Make sure you're not getting hosed. I have seen a few people getting cheaper mem on their non-retail boards. So be wise. Ask alot of question from the people selling it to you and get them to guarantee specs.

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