Laptop becomes slow and shut down automatically while playing game

My name is Saket
xps 501
i7 procesor 1.73 ghz
Ram 8 gb
graphic card nvidia geforce GT 435M 2gb

whenever i play games last month like fifa 11 it was runing very smoth....but from 10 day the game is not runnig smooth so i formated my laptop but the problems remain the i again formated it (restore factory setup) but problem didnt solved i dont have any hardware problems

the games become slow and then after 1 to 2 min its get shut down automatically
pls help
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  1. sounds like a thermal problem.
    check if the fans are working, clear out dust, make sure you are playing on a firm and level surface (most laptops have the air intake at the bottom).
    download temperature monitoring programs for cpu and gpu (for instance realtemp and gpu-z).
  2. when i start my laptop after 6 to 7 hr ..i check whether my game is working properly or not (eg fifa 11) i m able to play game for only 2 min after than my latop start slowing down....then gets shut down automatically.....

    Then again when i start my latop
    it shows 72 degree

    then again i start my game to observe temp its show will playing 92 degree
  3. how to open laptop......
  4. your temps are really high. you can use a can of compressed air to clean the air ducts around your cpu and overall laptop vents. make sure you hold the can upright when you spray. high temps could be the reason your laptop shows such high temp and slows down.
    don't block the air ducts/vents of your laptop. make sure there is always a bit of space between the bottom of the laptop and the surface it is on. use a laptop cooler if necessary (i personally can't vouch for their performance).
    scan your pc with a malware scanning software like malwarebytes anti malware. also do a system scan using an anti virus software like norton (paid) or avast/ mse (free). make sure no suspicious process is hogging the cpu during laptop use.
    additionally, check your power profiles.
    path: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options
    try setting it to high performance mode/balanced during gaming. set it back to power saving after gaming. check your laptop's bios if it has any throttling enabled.
  5. My power option is alway at high performance.......
    And about my malware scanning i had full formated my latop and didnt copy any of my data so thr should be malware issues

    i have 9 cell battery so thr is space between my lapi and surface

    I tried to open my laptop but i m unable to open it full ......i can only open RAM slot and the screw under battery i m unable to open it ....screw r losing thr grip
    Can i clean my lapi from outside ...???

    My latop is reaching till 98 c
    so stoped opening any game will browing its show around 75 c
  6. i had call dell customer care before posting this...that was my last call after my complete cover agreement got over at month of november 2011

    so they told me format it and after formatting they called me today about problem resolve or not i explain everything (same as above) they told that u have problem with ur motherboard and graphic card ...they r telling to buy breakage warnnty we will replace ur parts ......
    what do you thing
  7. thks everyone....
    problem solved ....
    i blowed air from my mouth.......its working fine at least i know the reason now why laptop is overheated........
  8. Bro,
    even i hav the same Prob...what to do? :-(
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