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I've been using an ATI 8500 128mb sucessfully and happily for sometime now with two monitor displays. I just ordered the All in Wonder 9700 pro, and I guess I didn't quite do my homework. I found out today that I wouldn't be able to technically use two display would have to be a tv of some sort. Is there anyway around this? Is there any adapters that I can use to plug in my second monitor to this card? My secondary display has only been used as an "extended Desktop" that holds menus from programs such as photoshop and corel. So it doesn't have to be hi-res.

Any info or responses will be very appreciated!
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  1. You could go get an old Apple monitor. I've had some with a very clear picture. You know, Apple II versions, with the RCA composite connection. I pitched mine because they didn't have speakers, and kept my Comodor monitors because they do (these old monitors give an EXTREMELY clear TV picture when hooked to a VCR, making an excellent portable display system).

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  2. While Crash's idea would work with just the card, why bother with a low res second monitor, when you could use a regular CRT?
    IF you have a free PCI slot, then buy a $5 pci video card at your local comp. surplus store. 4mb should be enough for menues and such (usually runs 2d at 1024x768x32 just fine [can go higher at a cost of refresh]), but if you want a little more flexibility, then get 8mb+ which should allow you to match the res. of whatever you are running on you main monitor without having to worry too much. As always go with the most mem. you are willing to pay for. You should be able to do that pretty cheap, and if you have an old monitor lying around somewhere ti should give you better res. than the Apple monitor, but I'm not sure, I haven't used the comp. apple monitors in YEARS (read decades [ as in II plus/c/e], just the newer ones.
    Anywhooo, that's what works for me, I use and old 16mb 128bit AIW ATI pci (with the ports disabled by the card itself) as my dual card, i had it left over from an older system.
    You should be able to buy a pci graphics card pretty cheap. The 4mb ones go for $5 Canadian here. BTW, try to get an ATI if you can just so that you can e-mail the co. and ask, and they won't be able to say 'we aren't familiar with that card, and if it would work..'

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  3. Thanks for all your info guys! I like the two card idea and I just happen to have an old ati rage card.

    Thanks again,

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