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I have a VAIO laptop and it was working fine for a year then all of a sudden it started to freeze after 5-10 minutes after start up. I havent made any changes and the last thing to be downloaded was an ebook from my local libary website. I have tried running the laptop in safe mode but even then after about an hour the laptop freezes. I have tried the following fixes: i run a virus scan and the scan come back clean. I have run a check disk which completed with no errors. I have deleted all tempory files and internet cookies. I have even stopped all start up programs, yet none of this has seemed to help. what else can i try???
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  1. I forgot to mention, the laptop doesnt have a battery and is running straight from mains power, so im not sure if this would have any affect??
  2. Hello barrysevans,

    my name is josh im from and I might be able to help you. Can you give me some specs about the laptop model and if you cpu and memory information. What antivirus are you using and or how many. Also home many applications appear to be running, you can count how icons of the lower right hand of your screen. When you get me that information I may have you find out current memory usage unless you know how to do this. If you wish go to my website where I can directly speek to you or continue on this forum.

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  3. Check the Event Log - the cause of the freeze might be listed there (under Error or Critical; Warning doesn't count).
  4. hi josh thanks for your reply also so you know i am an IT graduate so i have some IT knowledge and the laptop specs are:

    make: Sony VAIO ACPI x86
    operating system: windows vista 32 bit
    processor: intel (r) core (tm)2 duo cpu p8400 2.26GHz 2.27GHz
    RAM: 4GB
    HDD: maximum space: 286 GB free space 225 GB

    using the free avast anti virus for personal use.

    there is 14 icons on the task bar.

    before the laptop last crashed the memory useage was at 41%

    also i have checked the event view and there are no system errors, no failed security audits, and there are 5 application errors. 1 error is from source WMI, 2 are from loadPerf and the other 2 are from Perflib.
  5. Ok I dont know that you have done a registry scan and repair but if not and do not have a program for that use this its free and very effective

    I dont know how much time you have between the freezing so its worth a shot as I continue some research for you
  6. ALSO PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FANS WHEN THE OS LOADS IF IT SEEMS THERE IS NO CHANGE IT VERY WELL COULD BE AN OVERHEAT ISSUE If you can enter the bios and observe the temp over the term where the problem happens most. it should be between 60C - 70C also observe the gpu temp
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