Whats causing boot up problems harddrive? windows? powersupply?

got a weird problem on my asus g73jh. when i turn it on normaly it shows the asus screen then goes strait into windows and boots up and done.

but sometimes ill get the the opening asus screen and then nothing no hard drive activity light no loading nothing. then i have to hold down the power button and restart it some times 3-4 times before the hard drive kicks in and boots windows.

what is causing this problem is my laptop about to take a *** and be worthless?
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  1. Check the health of the hard disk using "HDTune" or "Crystaldisk"
  2. k downloaded the hd tune free version benchmarked it seamed fine and am running the error test now ill post when its done

    i clicked health and nothing showed up so i downloaded the 15 day free trial of the pro and it says its all good idk what could be the problem.

    tomorrow ima call best buy and see if its still under warenty though thats for dam sure maby thell give me the the new sandy bridge version for free.
  3. lol best buy give something away free? that would be the day. They will darn sure try to convince you to buy a better one.
  4. Best Buy or Worst Buy?
  5. did the error scan no bad spots on the hard drive and it said the health is ok so guess its not that. huh iv had the computer for like a year never had a problem with it till recently.
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