Removing Samsung NP-QX411 sealed battery?

I'm interested in purchasing this computer, everything looks to be about what I want for a good price at Best Buy (hopefully they have one that isn't "set up"). However, my main hesitation is the sealed in battery. The battery is both a great pro (long lasting) and a big con (non removeable). I realize it'll be some time before I'll want to replace it, but still...

Is it really "sealed" or is it just completely inside the enclosure and one just has to take apart the machine piece by piece to get it out. Anyone have experience with this?


- sps
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  1. stay away
    it's sealed and opening voids the warranty
    same crap that apple likes to do
  2. Well, I realize that's a given. However, I'm guessing the warranty is, what, a year? Unless the battery is defective (and therefore, Samsung's problem to deal with), I think the warranty is will be long over by the time I crack the thing open and change it.

    I just want to make sure it's actually possible with a basic toolset, a free Saturday afternoon, and some elbow grease. If, instead, I need to melt something apart and weld it back together, that might give me pause...
  3. Anyone?
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    This requires you removing all the screws on the bottom of the laptop. Remove the rubber pads on on the bottom also to find 2 more screws (the pads closer to the lcd side of the laptop)

    Then you will need to carefully pry with your hands the entire base of the laptop off, remove the screws from the battery. unplug the battery from the motherboard, and remove it. Replace it with your new battery and reverse that process.
  5. This isn't really so much of a reply as a follow-up question. I've already owned this machine for a while, about a year. So far, I really like it. (Only complaint I really have is the touchpad is way too sensitivity and wide; had to turn off the tap to click to keep because it keeps getting brushed when I type and making the cursor jump all over the document's page. Never had this issue w/ my Dell that has a touchpad about 1/2 the width.)

    But, I have been using the laptop more and more remotely lately. I was thinking I would just buy an extra battery for it, when I realized I don't remember ever installing the battery myself and can't find a battery compartment, d'oh!

    Any portable, external battery / power packs compatible with the Samsung QX411 that this group recommends? (There are so many to choose from.)

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  7. I have this laptop too, and the battery still runs fine, but I want to know where to find a battery replacement in case need to change it in the long future... :D
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