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I have an HP dv9000 series laptop. Initially it developed three problems; it quit recognizing the optical drive, the speakers quit working and the battery when installed would charge for about 30 seconds and then the icon would show a red X on it and it would not charge anymore. If you would shutdown the machine with the battery installed and the AC adapter connected or not, it would power down and the OS would shutdown but power would not shut completely off. You would have to physically hold down the power button to shut it down!
However, when the battery was removed and the machine was running on power from the AC adapter it would shut down normally.
I performed a re-flow on the video chip and eliminated two of the three problems; what I have left of the three problems is a battery that still won't charge.
What I would like to know is if the battery charges from the DC jack via the board that the jack is mounted on? I know that the setup from the DC jack is four wires and I am assuming that two supply power to the motherboard and two charge the battery when all is working as it should. I just need someone who is more knowledgeable about this than I am to tell me exactly how the battery is charged on the HP dv9000 series notebooks.
I tried a different motherboard and still had the same problem. So I don't think it is the circuit on the motherboard to the battery. My assumption is that the DC jack and board need to be replaced.
Any comments would be appreciated.

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  1. they got a new recall for battery could you test the battery on another hp laptop that use the same model of battery
  2. The battery is good, that is not the problem but thanks for the reply.
  3. As it turns out I have the same exact issue that you are describing. Did you come up with a solution. Please post if you did.
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