Ti4200 isn't performing as high as it should be

i have a ti4200 and in 3dmark 2001 se i only get 8800 3dmarks, and thats at 1024x768 at 32 bit. something is wrong and i dont know what

i have a 1.53GHz Athlon, 512 MB DDR333, SB LIVE , windows XP, and just recently installed directx 9.

any ideas would be appreciated.

Apples are good.
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  1. cmon people.

    Apples are good.
  2. Eh??? Is the problem your score? 8,800 is a good score for a Ti4200, a guy on here posted his results (same spec as you) but with a faster 9500 pro, he got about 9,300! The fastest card you can get would probably get around the 10,000 mark on your system.
  3. 8800 sounds about right to me.

    Welcome back, Griz. Don't think I've seen you around here for about a year.

    Melt any components while you have been away? (Sorry, I couldn't resist).

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  4. This is how i set my mind when i upgrade, for example, i put a 9700 pro in my system, dont expect anything amazing as its only a 1700xp, aim for a score of above 10,000 and get a nice suprise when i get 11,000 :). Its bad practice to think you will get the same scores as reviewers do because they have the best components at the time and even if its the same cpu as u they probably have cl2 memory and supa fast m/b to support. Im off to bed now no more posting honest hehe...
  5. hey. oh and thanks guys.

    umm.. actually i havent fried any more chips / graphics cards. i did fry a mobo. actually it wasn't my fault but it got fried nonetheless. hehe. i kind of gave up on my watercooler.

    Apples are good.
  6. I got around 7,100 with my system.

    AMD Duron 900
    Corsair 512 MB DDR 400
    GeForce 4 Ti 4200
    Asus A7N8X moterboard
    Western Digital 80 GB w/8 MB buffer

    Not overclocked at all.

    I got 1176 in 3D Mark 2003.
    Overclocked to 265/535.
  7. Though your cpu is a 1.53 and mine is a 1.74 (but I've seen folks with slower cpu's top my scores at times)...I had started out with a score of 8,814 out of the box...I upgraded my mobo chipset software (via) and than upgraded my nvidia drivers (take drivers compatable with dx 8.1) and made sure I had dx 8.1...I diasabled v sync, AA, anistropic filtering and texture sharpening...I used either adapter default of 75hz for display refresh rate. Got good scores with both. You can try different settings for mipmapping...I've acheived different scores with each. Disabling vsync is a biggy. I've gotten many scores fooling around...my highest being 10630 (nice increase form 8,814). Also turn off background junk. Have fun!
  8. With my Ti 4200 I usually get about 9600, but I have breached 10 000 with 10 031 on a fresh instal with only drivers updated no other software running.

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  9. Tell you what though, try downloading an over clock utility and see how far it will go. My 1700xp o/c's to 1800 levels with a mere 6mhz increase in bus speed and my 9700pro runs 337/324 from 324/310 and i get an extra 800 marks (12,000 my score now) and about an extra 5-10fps in games like morrowind with 4x ani and 8x anti on ,previously this game would struggle with all the settings maxed out, now not so bad :). Just keep an eye on temps, take side panel off if you want more speed :P
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