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I have Windows 7 and have been using Office 2003 with no problems. I decided to install Office 2007 Standard Upgrade - had no problems. I noticed that the install did not clear oiut 2003, so asked Microsoft what I should do. They sent me a link to a Microsoft Install Cleanup and suggested I use this to get rid of Office 2003. The link worked, or so I thought... now I cannot get to any of my files -- nothing works on 2007. I do not believe the 2007 installed correctly. I let Microsoft know of the new problem and they are suggesting I change my registry keys -- I am not feeling good about this. What to do? I cannot use Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint (nor Publisher 2007, which was an earlier separate install independent of Office 2007 -- and it was working fine before now).
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  1. first, restore your computer to a earlier time, before you installed Office 2007, hopefully you'll get rid of Office 2007, if everything is good to go and 2003 is OK, back up Office 2003, run EFRC (Eusing Free Registry Cleaner), it's good never had a problem with it on any computer, if everything is good to go and 2003 is OK, go to Start Control Panel, System,(in Small Icons), on the right side System Protection, the bottom is Create a Restore Point, do it, install 2007 again and run EFRC again, see if you are good to go
    sorry it's the long way but I hope to preserve as much data as possible
  2. That was one of my considerations... going to a previous restore point. I (personally) do not like talking to "India" when trying to troubleshoot a problem on my computer! and don't want to pay for a G Squad to come to the house either! I will try to work this out within the next 24 hours... Thanks for responding.
  3. Reinstall your office 2003, the reinstall your upgrade to 2007.
  4. I did finally get a chance to restore to a later date and was successful! My laptop is acting just fine - Office 2003 and Publisher 2007 are back, working with no problems. Since I spent the $$ for Office 2007 Upgrade, I need to install -- but won't be able to get to that until next week. Will let y'all know how that works out then. Thanks for the responses!
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