R 8500 le 230/230

I have a chance to buy a Radeon 8500 le 64mb (made by ati) with core and memory clock speeds of 230/230 for $100 canadian . Is it worth it.I would rather have one with 250/250 but cant find one. Can you O.C. this card or should I buy the R 9100

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  1. Sounds high. Is that US dollars? Is it a 64MB card or a 128MB one.

    I paid $99 USD for a BBA, 8500 (OEM not LE), 64MB, clocked at 275/250 almost a year ago. As you said, you can't find them today.

    You can get a 9100, clocked at 250/230, 64MB, for about $70 USD.

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  2. Just buy it ^^
    I have a R8500LE clocked at 250/230, but I flashed the Bios to make it run at 250/250, just same as the normal 8500LE, and running everything fine
    if you need more information about this, just say it~
  3. The standard LE comes at 250/230. The standard 9100 comes at 250/230. So the standard 8500LE and 9100 perform the same. It looks like this might be an underclocked version. It should still "clock up" to standard speed. If the 9100 is a similar price, get it. Otherwise, get this one.

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