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I inherited several HP 4510s laptops. I would like to image them with Clonezilla, but cannot figure out how to make them boot from a USB stick.

There doesn't seem to be a selection in BIOS which makes booting from a USB stick work. Anyone else had the same problem?

HP has a tech note that using a USB drive of 2gb or less may be needed, so I have done that, still no joy.

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  1. it should be able to boot from usb

    in the bios you need to check system configuration-- port options and make sure usb port is enabled

    then in system configuration--device configurations make sure usb legacy support is enabled

    for the boot menu its either escape then f9 as it boots or just f9
  2. Thanks, I have done all that, and no joy.
  3. then either its not going to support it unless a bios upgrade is available

    or you are not making your usb bootable correctly

    i find the best thing to make them bootable is yumi


    this will make it bootable and allow multibooting by adding whatever iso files you like

    linux--windows--hirens boot cd etc
  4. All the pendrives I am trying work in other machines. However, I have not checked the BIOS currency, and I will do that. Thanks!
  5. I am in a ProBook 6560 b. I was trying to boot from USB but after pressing F9 the USB disk was not listed among the boot options.

    Fortunately, this this worked for me: "in system configuration--device configurations make sure usb legacy support is enabled"
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