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So I've got this old ibm system sitting here and I messed it up. It had windows 98 on there and I wanted to go to 95. I fired it up in msdos mode and ran fdisk. I deleted the windows partition and I created a new primary partition(I think). So i reboot the comp with the windows 95 disk in there and all I have is a black screen with a flashing curser in the upper left-hand corner. So how do I fix this and get my windows 95 installed in there?

P.S. Dont chew me out for being an idiot this stuff is before my time.
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  1. It all depends on which version of Win95 you're using A or B. Win95A only supports FAT16 and may not delete the existing FAT32 partition that Win98 uses properly. Win95B does support FAT32 but to be on the safe side it may be best to obtain a Win98se startup disk and delete all existing partitions with it first then reboot and repartition using your 95 bootdisk.
  2. Forget everything the last guy said. The problem is that the Windows 95 CD isn't bootable. If it's on CD, it's new enough to use Fat32. What you need is a Windows 95b or newer boot disk. What I suggest is using a Windows 98SE bootdisk, and when asked how you want to boot, boot to Dos prompt with CD-ROM support.

    Then you might want to delete the old partition and make a new one, using "fdisk". You'll have to reboot if you do that, come back to the command prompt and "format c":. Then change directory to whatever drive letter is assigned to your CD drive (you should have gotten a message at boot), for example "cd e:". Then type "setup" and away you go.

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  3. And i'm fresh out of floppies so how do I go about formatting the hd if I stick it into this computer ?
  4. If you have a bootable Win98 CD you can boot from this. Make sure you go into your PC's bios first and select for CDROM as first boot device. After starting with the win98 CD select boot with CDROM support. Log to the CDROM by typing (D:) or (E:) etc (depending on what drive letter it has been assigned). Then type (cd win98) then (format c:) and the formatting of your harddrive should commence.

    You'd probably be better off using win98 as the OS than 95 as its much more advanced and stable. However if you have less than 32meg of ram on your system I could see justification for using win95 instead.
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