Toshiba recovery cd satellite L655

My laptop is not working - Initially got an error message F3-F100-003 suggesting a problem with my hard drive. I don't have a recovery disc. Can I get one downloaded using another computer?
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  1. Hello AvisG;

    You should have made your own recovery disc when you first got your laptop and you'd be ready to start a recovery.

    Do you have any personal files and data you want to try and recover, if the hard disk hasn't completely failed?
  2. One option is remover the hard disk from the laptop and attach it to another computer as a USB external drive. To do that you'd need an adapter like this one:
    USB SATA External 2.5" HDD Enclosure - $16 @ Walmart

    Another option you can is to boot the laptop with a LiveCD that doesnt need a HDD to run an operating system.
    Ubuntu Desktop It's not windows, but it's enough like it with a file manager, etc, to check and see if your hard disk is reachable and to let you copy off files to a USB thumb drive, for example.
  3. Had you already tested the TOSHIBA HDD Recovery Tools? options?
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