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I have conected my compac laptop to the tv how can i get the full screen of my laptop on the tv and how can have the audio of laptop on the tv.pls help
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  1. well two things come to mind

    1st: is your tv capable of the same resolution as your laptop
    2nd: Are you connecting via an HDMI cable or VGA?
    if HDMI, then audio should be transmitted via the HDMI cable,
    if using VGA, then you will need to use an audio cable from the laptop
    (headphone jack, 3.5mm) to the TV's audio input jack(s) (RCA). This would be a 3.5mm to dual RCA ended cable
  2. The tv does not need to be the same res as the laptop. Are you duplicating or extending? If it's duplicating and the laptop res is smaller, the tv will not be fullscreen. But the tv may have an option to stretch it to fullscreen. If you are extending, each display can be a different res. You could also try to set the tv as the main display.

    More info may help. What are your specs or model number of the laptop?
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