9700 prices. How soon to fall?

I've been planning a new system for a while and had my heart set on a ATI Pro Videon 9700. Now that they've announced the 9800, I'm hoping the 9700 will come down in price.

Given history (this is the first time I've "built" my own system so I'm clueless) how far and how fast can we expect the prices on these now "obsolete" cards to fall?

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  1. Sometime in the next 60 days is what we have been told. Most likely it will depend on how many cards 3rd party makers have in stock. ATI branded product in North America for the 9700 and 9500 Pros are in short supply already, so I would not think you are going to see prices drop that quickly on the ATI branded stuff. Look for the 3rd party companies to be offering the best deal in the next 60 days depending on inventory. Best bet is to find a local or internet retailer who is offering time to market inventory updates.
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