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want a faster windows XP

Last response: in Windows XP
April 12, 2003 4:40:10 PM

Hi everybody,
Please help me. I would like to know this...

1. I'm using winXP and Norton Systemworks. For winXP, they have their own
disk defragmentar and their error-checking. But norton also have Speed disk
and Norton disk doctor in norton utilities.

Is XP's disk defragmentar has the same function as Norton's Speed disk?
If yes, which is better and which should i use ?
If no, what is the difference between both and which should i use ?

IS XP's error-checking has the same function as Norton disk doctor ?
If yes, which is better and which should i use ?
If no, what is the difference between both and which should i use ?

Or can you suggest any other option for disk checking and defregmenter.

Pls help me about this, i'm using norton's Speed disk and Norton disk doctor,
but some person say this is good and some say this bad...i'm confused and
don't know which to choose. That's why i'm writting here.

2. In my 3dMark01 and 3dMark03, it show's like this:-
Total Local Video Memory : 128Mb
Total Local Texture Memory : 128Mb
Total AGP Memory : 120Mb

Why is my total AGP Memory is only 120Mb. Isn't it supposed to be 128Mb ?

3. I found that i can speed up my boot up process by installing "Bootvis"
from Microsoft. But this is only for WinXP.
This is the website:

Can you tell me, is this some kind of useless stuff. I'm afraid it will
do something bad later because i have never heard anyone talking about
this before.
Have you used it before, or have you heard anything about it. If yes please
tell me about it.

4. Should i enable write combining in my display setting. What is it actually
for ? Will it any good or bad ?

5. For my 3dMark03 i get 4165 marks.
Where else for my 3dMark01 i got 13500 marks out of it.
Is it fine with R9700 or should i be getting better marks for my card ?

6. I'm using Norton Systemworks and Norton Internet Security. It makes my pc really slow when startup. I mean it is slow for a P4 2.66 with 1Gb of corsair ram. Can i change any setting in these norton software to make it run faster.
I'm planning to uninstall the Norton Internet Security, but i need a good firewall to protect my pc since the students in my campus loves to hack into other pc's.(is there other way i can kick their ass). Please suggest me a good firewall...
Please, i really need one....

7. If i disable the floppy boot seek, will it do anything bad? what is it for actually?
I hate the floppy noise in the boot up...

8. 1. Can i turn off "Indexing" for my hard disk in the drive's
properties. I heard it will speed up the computer a little bit.
It is "On" which means the check box is ticked as a default setting.
What will happen if it's on and if it's off? Will it make my pc fast?
What is your advise, should i off it?

9. In regedit i can edit my user name and my organization.
Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Microsoft / Windows NT /
CurrentVersion / RegisteredOwner and RegisteredOrganization. (I got it from internet).
Will it effect any other software or any other stuff if i do this?
Is it safe to do this?
I want a different name and organization to be displayed in my "System Properties".
Please tell me whether it is safe to do that since i'm planning to do it.

10. If have any tweak for winXP, please post it to me.
(tweaks which won't do any harm later)

here is my pc spec for a reference..
P4 2.66
Asus P4G8X Deluxe
2 X 512Mb Corsair XMS3200CL2
Maxtor 80Gb 8Mb Cache
Hercules 3d Prophet 9700(non pro)

I have posted this message personally to a few person and i am waiting for their answer.

I really appreaciate all your help...thank you very much...

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April 12, 2003 5:39:55 PM

1. I used to use NSW. It's not a very good program. It generally causes more problems than it solves. Use the NAV, but forget about the degrag and other utilities. For defragmenting try Diskeeper or voptXP.

2. No clue.

3. People have had good luck with bootvis. I found the extra second it gave me wasn't worth wasting my time with it. I suppose I could have played with it to get better results. I haven't seen anyone complain about it screwing up their PC.

4. No clue

5. I would probably search the graphics forum.

6. I still am trying to get Norton firewall to run on my PC so I don't know if that is also slowing you down but I do know that NSW will slow you down quite a bit. Like I said above, I wouldn't use it. At the very least disable a large portion of what loads on startup.

7. I don't even own a floppy anymore. Are you sure you need it? I disabled the floppy check in the bios when I did have one and it was fine.

8. I like the indexing, but if you want to turn it off go ahead. As far as a speed difference I would suggest just trying it. Let us know.

9. No clue.

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April 12, 2003 7:18:36 PM

thanks dhlucke...
i'll try Diskeeper or voptXP

i'll disable the indewing and let you know about the perfomance(if i can see it) later.

I also prefer to use the Norton Firewall, but i can only get the software bundled in Norton Internet Security.
Norton Internet Security really slow the boot up process.
That's why i wanna diferent firewall....

If anyone have a good firewall, please tell me.....
I really need one.........

What is the boot up floppy seek for???
I have disabled the floopy disk in my boot up sequence. I only use IDE-0 as my first boot up sequence.
But what is the floppy seek for???
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April 13, 2003 3:55:17 PM

I use NSW on my pc with Win XP prof With no problem. I let it do the errror checks and correct, I also use Norton Per. firewall with no problem and it works great. I do use Diskkeeper 7.0 and it is excelent and fast. I have used NSW on all Of my PC's and have never had a problem. I don't see any slow down of the system. Bruce

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April 13, 2003 4:14:49 PM

Can you tell me what version of Norton Systemworks and Norton Firewall you are using.
I'm using Norton Systemworks 2003 and Norton Internet Security 2003 with windows XP Pro .
Did you adjust any setting for your NSW to run fast. Can you share it with me???
It making my startup slow...
I'm really curious to know...where did you get Norton Firewall...
I tried to find it and couldn't find one. I only managed to get one bundled with Norton Internet Security 2003. Please tell me, i would really like to know..

Thanks BruceMyers48...

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April 13, 2003 10:55:16 PM

I really did not adjust any settings and never noticed a difference in the speed of my system.When I build a system I very carefully match all my parts so as to keep every thing working comfortable together.The version of NSW is 2003 ver.6.0 build 57, And the firewall is 2003. If you have troble locating NPF you can order it rigth from norton or getting it cheaper from places like or due a price search.It is reall easy to locate.I ahve NSW do a one button check up on a schedue.It has never messed anything up and does keep the drive cleaned up. I don't run any thing but NSW, NPF, And Disk keeper 7.0. The rest of the stuff bundled with norton can over power your system.

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April 14, 2003 10:00:19 AM

I have found in most cases that a combination of Norton AV, and Sygate personal firewall (which is free <A HREF=";ype=dl_dlnow&lop=link&destUrl=/3001-2092-10184369.html" target="_new">here</A>) work brilliantly and also cause little to no system slowdown.

Then just use windows defrag and disk check.

your 3dmark scores look fine :smile: .

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April 14, 2003 6:13:54 PM

thanks monkeyspank,

i'll give Sygate personal firewall a try...
But have you heard about Zone Alarm Pro firewall...What you guys think about it???
Does it make pc slow also...??

Thanks for all your reply...

If you love something set it free, if it doesn't come back, hunt it down and kill it !!!
April 14, 2003 11:23:06 PM

Zone Alarm is satan. I already told you that. I'm sending your reply in the mail tonight. Chillax there JeeJay. You can't know everything in a week. It takes some time....

XP 2500+ Barton @ 2256Mhz
A7N8X Dlx
2x512MB Corsair PC3200
MSI GF3Ti 500 @ 265/570
2x80GB 7200RPM Maxtor
Onboard audio
3DMark 2001 SE - 10528
April 14, 2003 11:27:20 PM

Zone Alarm Pro has been giving plenty of trouble lately, the True Vector Engine keeps blue screening me so I have turned it off, I don't know if it is ZAP or my system but it seems stable now. I am trying Spygate instead but it has not been running long enough to give you any advice.

<A HREF="" target="_new">My PC</A>
April 15, 2003 6:36:33 AM

xp pro on pIII 700mhz 256mb of 100mhz sdram 14.3gb hard drive w/ rage pro 8mb
Have norton av, internet security and system works, my system takes a while to boot but thats it, it preforms flawlessly after boot up
And yes i will upgrade soon...
April 15, 2003 6:38:46 AM

about 3dmark, i beleive they have curved the scores so they are less. So i wouldn't worry.
April 15, 2003 10:29:45 AM

i tried zone alarm once or twice. hated every minute of it.
but... I also hate cream buns.

-different strokes for different folks :D 

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April 15, 2003 11:30:34 AM

I use ZA Pro and love it. The true vector service needs to be set to manual or else when you install things and it's still running in the background. Also ZA uses around 2MB of my 512MB of Ram and virtually no resources. I have used BitDefender as well and liked it just a little too complicated, like the simplicity of ZA.


<A HREF="" target="_new">Psyko's Rig</A>
April 15, 2003 5:44:32 PM

You might want to consider Panda Antivirus Platinum v7 as an alternative to Norton. Excellent antivirus with a good firewall... virus signatures are updated daily instead of weekly. Not as much of a resource hog, either. I gave it a try when Toey recommended it, and I haven't looked back since.

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April 15, 2003 10:23:13 PM

Yeah same here, I have used Panda (Toey) and liked it barring a few small setup options that need attention, I also have used AVG free antivirus with good success. AVG AV updates regularly and unless you buy the full version you have to scan the whole system which is of no consequence really. I have found AV and firewall products in general need careful setup and a must is to have a good backup and Drive-image before installing as they can seriously screw with your system! NSW is famous for taking over your PC, I will never use that resource hog again, it works that well even I can’t get into my PC :lol:  then I can’t get it to start and stay stable for long enough to get to any data either... LOL.

<A HREF="" target="_new">My PC</A>
April 15, 2003 10:28:01 PM

i tried Sygate for one day.....hish......
it gave problem to my R9700. i don't know why....
after installing Sygate firewall, my games hang....also when i run 3dMark03....
it say's "infinate loop"...the same problem which i had with my "R9500pro" i used before....
after uninstalling it, i never face the problem...
just one day and got rid of it....
sorry Monkeyspank...maybe it's a good firewall, but it doesn't work for me....thanks anyway
At last i'm using windows XP built in firewall.
i know it's not safe(in my campus(damn it))...but just waiting for the right one(firewall)...
As for Panda Antivirus Platinum v7, i'm still thinking....
what you guys think about it???
Any tweaks, you guys wanna share...i really wanna try...
Thanks to all....

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