HP Dv7 Getting very hot

I have a relatively new Dv7 general specs include i7 2630qm (quad @ 2ghz), 6770 switchable graphics, 8gb ram ect.

Since i have had this laptop i havent really run anything too taxing on it, but recently i started playing EVE online (mmo) and i was wondering about the operating temps. EVE is not a high spec game by any means, its using maybe (maybe) 50% of the cpu but i am getting temps of 70-77 Celsius, even though the fan is running full tilt, the laptop is raised up by the 9 cell battery, and the room temp is about 16 celsius (60F). Is this normal? coming from my desktop, which only reaches 60C under full load this was alarming
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  1. Yes it's normal.HP laptops don't have a great cooling system
  2. Your temp is fine for laptop under load. Start worrying about it when it is over 85, you may then want to use a cooling pad. Laptop thermal limit is usually 105.

    Run some benchmark on the laptop and monitor the temperature.
  3. I have a DV6 with the 2630QM and 6770M graphics, I've noticed heat as well. Usually anywhere between 65C and 85C depending on the game. I get about 50-55 on idle with the 6770 graphics and 40-45 on idle with the Intel HD. They're hot laptops unfortunately.
  4. Sam, the temperature you are getting is absolutely normal for a laptop and there is nothing to concern with.
  5. ok thanks guys
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