drive letter need fix(edit: found out how to)

Hi I just formatted my HD and i reinstalled window but realized that the drive letters for my HD and my removable drives are all messed up. Is there any way I can safely rename them? Ive also realized that my C drive is using up 5 gigs of space that i dunno what its using it for. I just format too...turned off system restore so shouldnt be that. Could it be some XP update files not completely installed? the computer restarted in the middle of me installing some updates, and when I went back to scan again it seems as if its off the list. When i look at under C drive it has this folder name e92add73b with sp1 and sp2 under that. ANy idea what it is and how i could fix that? hehe...a lot of questions im asking. greatly appreciate anyoen who can help TIA!!

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  1. The best way to do this is to make sure your Hard drive is on the primary IDE channel and is using either master or cable select. Then put your removable drives (I am assuming a DVD player and a CDRW) on the secondary IDE channel and use cable select for both drives. Make your DVD drive the master or put it at the opposite end of the cable and use cable select or master. Then use the middle connector for the CDRW drive and use cable select or slave. I would be a good idea to say what the letter configurations are. You can get a quicker transfer if burning from DVD or CD to CDRW if you place the DVD or CD on the primary channel as either cable select or slave. I don't like using disk manager because it is better to see how your hardware is set up.

    en Xristos
  2. By the way, you need to delete the logical dos partition in fdisk and then format before you install XP. Make sure there is no extra space allocated after using fdisk.

    en Xristos
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